About us

Our team

Ruth Bloom // Direktør

Tel.: (+45) 24 98 80 56

Mail: rb@crestwing.dk

Ruth Bloom took over the company Crestwing ApS in December 2016. Since the project began in 2005, she has been part of the development of the Crestwing concept, since the testing of smaller models of the plant designed in wood and filled with flamingo till today where the company stands with a well-functioning prototype in steel.
Goals achieved in Crestwing ApS since Ruth Bloom took over:
• Completion of the prototype, Tordenskiold, in steel measuring 30 x 7.5 meters.
• Launching of the prototype at Hirsholmene, Frederikshavn.
• Implementation of two offshore test periods in a period of two years.

Board of Directors

Peter Høstgaard-Jensen //

Director of the Board

Peter Høstgaard-Jensen is a Chemistry Engineer and has been managing director of I/S Nordkraft, I/S Nordjyllandsværket and Elsam. He is and has been participating on a number of boards in the energy industry.

Trygve Natvig

Trygve Natvig is co-owner of Crestwing.

He is chairman for various boards in both Norway and Denmark, in hotel, property, media and travel branches.

Rune Pilgaard Bloom

Rune Pilgaard Bloom has a  Master of Science (MSc) in Physics and Computer Science from Aarhus University.
He grew up with Crestwing and works full time in the company today. 

Peter Balling

Peter Balling is professor of physics at Aarhus University. He researches material physics and optical physics and has among other things led several research projects that contribute to the development of new techniques in the field of renewable energy.

Ruth Bloom

Ruth Bloom is Crestwing's director and project manager. She has completed, launched and tested the company's prototype since taking over the company.