Inventor & founder

Inventor & Founder

Henning Pilgaard

19/6-1944 - 08/09-2016

Inventor & founder of Crestwing

In 1972 Henning Pilgaard finished his education as a Mechanical Engineer and hereafter worked at Odense Steel Shipyard, Lindø. Already in his time of study he was interested in renewable energy and after the energy crisis in 1973 he began, in his spare time, to work with a grassroots organization regarding conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the municipality of Kerteminde.


Henning has, since 1982, worked full time promoting the transition to renewable energy. Among other things he launched and finished many complex renewable energy projects, including two of the first wind turbine farms in Denmark, the regional energy project "Bornholm a green island", biogas plants, gas-engines based on CHP plants, and finally he has been developing and realizing the Wave Energy Concept, Crestwing. Henning dedicated all his life to create a green and humanistic world.